Developing cybersecurity specialists that employers are looking to hire.

Developing cybersecurity specialists that employers are looking to hire.

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Ashland University’s Cybersecurity program is designed to help you succeed as a professional within the technology industry, which is expanding and evolving every day. Today’s technology-focused world needs innovative, technology-focused professionals who specialize in keeping data safe. Ashland University’s cutting-edge Cybersecurity program provides you with the training and skills you need to enter an in-demand, high-income career in technology.

Answering a
critical need.

Answering a critical need.

As the world relies more and more on digital data, the need for keeping that data safe expands exponentially. The industry itself is expected to grow by 31% through 2029, which is more than seven times faster than the national average job growth of 4%.

As a result, graduates from cybersecurity programs are increasingly in demand. That is especially true when it comes to graduates of programs dedicated to remaining on the cutting edge of industry tools, trends and standards. While still a nascent focus at the collegiate level, some colleges and universities are beginning to offer degree programs in cybersecurity. The key for you is to find the right program that fits your interests, needs and goals.

Ashland University’s Cybersecurity program is designed for students looking to learn the skills and use the tools industry employers need, all within a collaborative environment that positions your success as the main focus. You will experience the benefits of faculty who are experts in the field and personally invested in your success and with an emphasis on internship opportunities designed to build your professional network and open doors after graduation. Our cybersecurity program sets the bar for equipping you to succeed in a world that needs, more than ever, the safety and security insight you will leave here equipped to provide.

cybersecurity Program

Ashland University’s Cybersecurity program prepares you to protect individuals, companies and governments from malicious cyberattacks. You will develop strong problem-solving skills, a robust understanding of computer systems, solid analytical skills and firm awareness with laws and regulations pertaining to information security. Choose between our on-campus, more traditional program or our fully online program.

This program includes:

  • Eight new cybersecurity courses that did not exist prior to two years ago. Ashland University’s computer science department has made Cybersecurity a primary focus given the ever-increasing need for cybersecurity specialists in the workforce.

  • This program has been designed to give you real world experience in fighting cybercrime and eliminating threats. With faculty that has professional experience and extensive knowledge in cybersecurity, you will be learning the skills needed to be successful in the industry.

  • An emphasis on learning how to think, not what to think. This program will give you both the tools as well as the conceptual framework behind why those tools are used, so you will be equipped to solve new security challenges as the technological world evolves.
Ashland University Cyber Security student taking notes


Our program offers you the opportunity to learn from faculty with extensive professional knowledge and experience in the cybersecurity industry and collaborate with other students in competitions in preparation for your career as a technology professional.

We have five active local chapters for national student organizations:

  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

  • Upsilon Pi Epsilon (International Honor Society for the Computing and Information Disciplines)

  • Mathematical Association of America (MAA)

  • Pi Mu Epsilon (National Mathematics Honors Society)

  • National Cybersecurity Student Association

cybersecurity Program

Submit your application Within our collaborative mentorship environment, you’ll also have the opportunity to compete in programming challenges that hone your skills and position you for future success.



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Learn the skills you need to be an industry cybersecurity professional in an intimate educational setting with direct mentorship opportunities available throughout this four-year program.


Scholarships, grants & financial aid


With the tools and knowledge gained through a degree in our Cybersecurity program, you’ll be in demand and ready to take on the threats just waiting to be identified and eliminated across a wide array of industries.


Facilities for your Needs

Financial Aid Opportunities


Financial assistance is available to complete your degree through our Cybersecurity program, along with paid internship opportunities during your junior and senior years.
Facilities for your Needs

Online Opportunities


With the same curriculum as our on-campus option, you are afforded the choice to take this program fully online and enjoy the flexibility of online learning.


Here's what
to expect from
Ashland University's
Cybersecurity Program.

Here's what
to expect from
Ashland University's
Cybersecurity Program.

Regardless of modality, in this program, you will:

  • Receive personal attention from each of your professors, with many opportunities to participate in in-class activities with small class sizes.

  • Gain real-world experience with internship opportunities at local and regional companies to earn college credit while getting paid.

  • Make a difference in the real world. For your senior capstone, a local company will provide you with a real-life computer science problem and you’ll design the software to solve it. This will help you demonstrate your skills and give you the confidence to meet future challenges in your career of choice.

  • Benefit from opportunities to participate in national and international programming competitions to further build your skills.

For online students:

  • Earn your degree fully online and walk away from your time prepared to be successful in the cybersecurity industry.

For on-campus students:

  • Access state-of-the-art computers in your classrooms and in the department computer lab. These computers run on a variety of operating systems including Linux, Solaris, MacOS, and Windows so you can learn to work across many platforms. Our lab machines are also equipped with professional cybersecurity tools so you can develop your skills in a safe, secure environment.



Pursuing your passion takes diligence, focus and perseverance. Our Dean’s Scholarship is designed to reward your hard work and add even more value to your education.

For students majoring in eligible programs, the Dean’s Scholarship includes a merit-based, renewable scholarship of $1,500, which can be “stacked” on top of other merit awards received. Additionally, recipients can participate in unique academic communities to engage with faculty and prepare for their future career.

To qualify, you must have a 3.5 GPA from high school or previous college and maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout your studies at Ashland. Once you apply and are admitted to Ashland University, you’ll receive an invitation to apply for the Dean’s Scholarship if you qualify.

Ashland University

Founded in 1878, Ashland University continues to have a rich tradition as a private, comprehensive institution preparing students for exciting, impactful professions and careers. Your success is our goal, not just while you are a student but for the rest of your life as a member of the Eagle family.

We place a great emphasis on the importance of each member of our community. The phrase “Accent on the Individual” has been our motto for many years and characterizes well the nature and content of both the online and campus environment.

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We promise to teach you how to think, not what to think. We promise to work with you to create an individualized plan for your future, and we promise you an affordable education. We promise you will be guided by mentors invested in you as an individual. They will, within a diverse community of respect, design personalized transformative experiences to develop you as a person who works, serves and leads with integrity. And we promise you a lifelong commitment as we continue to help you discern your life calling and make a positive impact on your family, community and the world at large.


My experience at Ashland University has been fantastic. I’ve been able to meet a lot of other computer science students who share the same interests as me. A major factor that helped me meet other students was the smaller class sizes. It made it easy to not only meet the other computer science students but also allowed me to get to personally know the faculty members there. Going to Ashland also opened up many opportunities for future jobs as well. I was able to get a programming internship that gave me plenty of real-world work experience and helped me become more confident working in my field. Overall, whether it was attending the ACM computer science club, participating in programming competitions, or just having lunch with friends in the computer science lounge, I was always able to have a great time at Ashland.

Josiah Moore, '21

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An incredible story
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An incredible story awaits. Apply now and see where it takes you.

Start your career as a cybersecurity professional at Ashland University as you build up your professional network in a culture of belonging, seize opportunities for growth throughout your four years within the program and learn the skills you’ll need to succeed no matter where your career goals take you into the future.